Who are the Roma people?

The Roma are a people group with no home country. They are scattered primarily throughout Europe, but also the world. Typically living in tight-knit exclusive communities, the Roma maintain a unique culture and close family ties.

To learn more about the Roma visit the Britannica Page or the Wikipedia Page.

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Hats from our hands to your heads

A group of ladies from a church in Roxboro asked last summer what they could do for the children in Ukraine. "Can you sew?" was the response. The ladies were sent a pattern and sample of fleece hats. A week later they had a bunch ready to go and so we took them with us in August. The pastor said not to give them out because the kids would lose them before winter, so we stashed them away in the storage room at New Life and hoped someday we'd get a chance to hand them out. Oh, what a glorious day Monday was when every single child in a small village received a hat during the clinic. Sometimes it's the simplest things that can make a huge impact. Ladies in their 70s and 80s sitting around sewing hats for little ones they'll never meet, wondering what they'd look like wearing their creations. And now they'll know. It doesn't get much better than that.
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