Who are the Roma people?

The Roma are a people group with no home country. They are scattered primarily throughout Europe, but also the world. Typically living in tight-knit exclusive communities, the Roma maintain a unique culture and close family ties.

To learn more about the Roma visit the Britannica Page or the Wikipedia Page.

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Medical Clinics

Love۰Help۰Teach provides medical professionals the opportunity to use their gifts while serving the Roma of Eastern Europe. Clinics are held local churches and in surrounding villages.

Working with patients of all ages, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists treat a wide range of illnesses during weeklong clinics.

"Children are poverty's most poignant victims and nothing shows this more clearly than their medical needs. Because of lack of basic medical care and poor nutrition, simple summer colds can become serious lung infections. Children with no shoes walking in mud develop abscesses on their feet and legs from the many cuts and sores. Poor sanitation and filthy living conditions lead to parasite infestation, chronic diarrhea, and weight loss in an already under weight child. For most of these children, the very basic of health care needs go unmet. For some of these children, this can lead to serious life threatening conditions."    Trish Long, PharmD

Love۰Help۰Teach offers three medical trips a year usually in January, April or May, and August. For more information contact Teresa Jones, Baptists on Mission, at