Who are the Roma people?

The Roma are a people group with no home country. They are scattered primarily throughout Europe, but also the world. Typically living in tight-knit exclusive communities, the Roma maintain a unique culture and close family ties.

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It Was Such a Joy

By: Alicia Jones

After four years of heavy investment, teaching in the school at Nagyhalász, last September we decided we must muster the effort to reach out to one family each week with a home visit. I never imagined what joy this would bring!

The ways we can love become clear when we take time to listen to the needs. A few weeks ago, the family we visited was a familiar one because many of the summer teams have gone to this home. The family has a strong faith but lacks daily necessities. The woman expressed how she missed her glasses. She told her story. After saving up to buy the cheapest frame available some years ago, the glasses had broken. They remained at the repair shop where the $35 repair fee was beyond her reach month after month. She had given up hope. But together with the other requests we lifted up their needs in prayer before we left the home that evening.

The following week, we decided to take her to reclaim the glasses. We showed up unexpectedly at the home and when I told her we were going to get her glasses, she just sadly said, but they will expect money. I said, “I know, I’ll take care of that part, you just come with me.” At the woman’s response, one would have thought I had given her a million dollars. “Are you serious?!!?” She exclaimed with a squeal. Then she glanced down at her house slippers and scurried off. We didn’t know, but the shop was only open Mondays and Wednesdays until 2 pm. It was 1:45pm on Wednesday afternoon when we walked in; God’s miracle. The woman working there searched and searched. I knew the glasses would be there somewhere. Sure enough the last pair on the shelf. While she searched, we conversed, and she just couldn’t believe that two young women would come for another person’s glasses and pay the cost. She asked us more questions and before we left, we had opportunity to share the difference between a living faith and the religiosity of many. Once back in the car on the way home, the woman proudly cleaned her glasses and ranted and raved at how wonderful it is to see again after more than two years without her glasses. What a miracle to share God’s love tangibly. It was such a joy!

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