The Faith Without End
Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 02:56PM
Love Help Teach

By: Tóth Tünde

The faith that has no end cannot put hope in a box nor give it specific borders. Allow faith to grow freely, like the wind and let it fly!

One January cold morning in Romania as the white sheet covered the view, we walked hurriedly between the poor little huts. “I love the snow!” I exclaimed. The local quietly responded, “But this is the difficult season for the poor here.” True. But I also know that not only the snow and the cold create difficulty in the lives of those he referenced. Our church during the coldest months do what they can. They put together food packages and deliver them every Saturday.

It deeply saddened me when we stepped in these homes or tent like structures where 5, 8, even 10 people lived, mostly children. The wind was blowing in because instead of a door there was just a ragged blanket hung in its place. There was little room in the home even for the few possessions of the family. The dirtiness is not just because they have little access to water, but also due to their lack of motivation for living.

I ask myself, “What am I doing?” “Why am I even here?” Tightly gripping the heavy plastic bag filled with food, I keep thinking, “This is not going to change their situation! This won’t stop the oppression, nor keep them from spending the little they have on cigarettes or alcohol.  It’s not going to help them manage their money, nor protect the one who is abused.”

So why even bother? This is our part. God is the one who changes lives, but in my hand by His Spirit can exist a faith without end or borders, believing that nothing is impossible. This is why we love, this is why we pray; to continually lift up before God cries for help and every need, waiting expectantly for change to fly in.

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