Sleeping at school
Friday, November 15, 2013 at 04:24AM
Love Help Teach in Kindergarten

By: Alicia Jones

Even if it was just a towel on the floor of the kindergarten classroom at the local public school in my town, I always loved naptime. The kindergarten teacher would come around with her fairy-wand and tap each child on the head to “make us fall asleep.” It worked for me and I’m glad that naptime has been made possible for sixty Roma children.

The four teachers in the kindergarten at one of the largest Roma communities in Romania where we work are in search of a magic fairy-wand to help the sixty squiggling 3 to 6-year olds fall asleep each afternoon for their naptime. The children, with the support given by North Carolina Baptist churches have nylon beds, pillows, sheets, and uniquely designed fleece blankets under which to snuggle for their afternoon naps. Unfortunately the black-out curtains and the low hum of the kid’s movie playing on a donated television don’t keep the kids from giggling, chatting and crying during naptime. But on a normal weekday afternoon, the mood of rest and sleep resides in the large warm room in the basement of the church.

This is the eleventh year of operation for this particular kindergarten in Romania. For ten years the lead kindergarten teacher has faithfully taught the Roma children. This year two new teachers were added to help carry the burden of teaching since the existing program that went to noon was extended until 4:30 pm. The kindergarten has received support over the years from the local government: both the mayor and the local school and principal. Currently, they also receive aid from Hungarian Baptist Aid and North Carolina Baptist churches.  Together these entities have made the afternoon naptime and three meals a day available to 60 adorable children in one Roma community. Now if someone would just give each kindergarten a magical fairy-wand to make the children fall asleep!

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